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In good hands
Numerous economic sectors are facing radical change resulting in considerable challenges for those active in these areas. We provide our clients not just with economic solutions but also assist them with the perfect legal implementation. Our key areas of consultation, but not exclusively, are within the following business sectors.
Lawyers for Transport and Infrastructure - Otting Zinger in Hanau
Innovative Ideas
Transport and Infrastructure
The transformation of the transport industry places a considerable increase in public passenger and freight transport. At the same time immense investment has to be taken in hand for innovative propulsion technologies and the digitalization of infrastructure and vehicles.
Mobility Concepts
There is competition for a share of the market and for sustainable ideas. We support transport companies with the development and implementation of innovative mobility concepts. Our advice is based on our longstanding expertise in award procedures for rail and road passenger transport services.
Lawyers for Urban Planning and Real Estate - Otting Zinger in Hanau
Times of Change
Urban Planning and Real Estate
Inner cities are facing upheaval, the retail business environment has changed dramatically and not only since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. The demand for housing is continuous. Industries change and the termination of military utilization creates conversion development areas.
Challenges and Opportunities
Climate protection and the energy transition also shape urban development planning. In metropolitan areas such as the Rhein-Main-Area, municipalities as well as project developers are faced with considerable challenges, still large opportunities for sustainable urban development are present. We know from many projects the legal topics as well as the complex network of interests very well and offer support with the development of viable solutions.
Lawyers for Energy and Environment - Otting Zinger in Hanau
Sustainable Energy Concepts
Energy and Environment
The success of the energy transition presupposes a stable supply grid and network expansion. Municipalities search for reliable partners when tendering for gas and electricity network concessions.
New and Complex Legal Issues
Sustainable energy concepts are indispensable when planning new residential areas. The withdrawal from nuclear and coal energy production creates the necessity to further increase the capacity for sustainable energy production. The energy sector also being increasingly shaped by competition and tendering, in which new and complex legal issues are set. In this matter we support network operators, utility companies and municipalities.
Lawyers for Digitalization and IT - Otting Zinger in Hanau
Viable IT Solutions
Digitalization and IT
Procurement procedures are already fully digitalized, since 2018 the electronic form of award procedures is mandatory. However, in other areas of public administration there is still room for improvement.
Tight Market and Intense Competition
The trend towards e-Government is irreversible and the need for consultancy advice with regard to viable procurement of IT solutions for the public sector is increased. Municipalities bundle their needs and in a tight market there is often intense competition on the supplier side. We provide advice with the conception and execution of IT tenders, at the same time we also know and represent the bidding side.
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